Laws of the Society for Relieving the Poor on the Initiation of their Children into the Holy Covenant of Abraham. Founded in London, in the year 5505-1745.
"...the object of which is, that if a woman, delivered of a male infant, requires relief, she is, on producing her Marriage Certificate (if required), provided with a Mohel (an authorised person to perform the first rite of Judaism - the operation of circumcision), Sandak (sponsor); and, at the foundation of the Society, one guinea and a half was awarded to sustain the suffering mother during the period of her confinement." This sum was later reduced due to shortage of funds. The annual subscription to the Society in 1886 was half a guinea (ten shillings and sixpence).

Subscribers 1886

Surname First Name Address Notes
Abrahams Mordecai 87 Grosvenor Rd Secretary, Mohel
Abrahams S 136 Houndsditch
Abrahams S Old Montague St
Adler Rev. Dr. H. 16 Finsbury Sq
Adler M N Alliance Fire Office
Alexander D L 20 Lincoln’s Inn
Ansel Abraham 37 Jewry St Committee
Apfel J Houndsditch
Asher Dr. Asher 18 Endsleigh St Committee, Mohel
Assenheim J 40 Middlesex St
Auerbach M 13 High St., Borough, SE
Bamberger M 29 Leman St
Barnett A 21 Portsdown Rd
Barnett Rev. A 6 Walterton Rd., St. Peter’s-park W
Barnett M 149 Commercial St
Barnett P 46 Portsdown Rd
Beddington M 34 Monkwell St
Beddington S H 34 Monkwell St
Benjamin D 86 Westbourne Terrace
Benjamin L 86 Westbourne Terrace
Berg Elias 11 Houndsditch Committee
Bernays L 24 Ladbroke Gardens
Bentwich M 92 Englefield Rd., N
Bergtheil J 38 Warwick Rd., W
Beyfus S 50 Bedford Sq
Berlinski S H 12 Spital Sq
Bles D S Marsden Sq., Manchester
Blok Dr. M Halkyn House, 171 Albion Rd., Newington Green N, Mohel
Blumstein B 37 Duke Street, E
Bremel - Wentworth St
Bronkhurst H Scarborough St
Bronkhurst S Bow
Casper Philip N Goring Street, Houndsditch Committee
Clifford Dr. M 6 Warrington Gardens Mohel
Cohen Dr. A 10 Stranraer Place, W Mohel
Cohen A 1 Hatton Garden
Cohen J 1 Hatton Garden
Cohen A 11 Curtain Rd, EC
Cohen A L 31 Throgmorton St
Cohen B S 24 Great Prescot St
Cohen Rev E 71 Marquess Rd, N Mohel
Cohen J 88 Charrington St
Cohen L Leman St
Cohen Lionel L. , Member of Parliament 9 Hyde Park Terrace
Cohen M 80 Leman St
Cohen Mrs. S 75 Leman St
Cohen Mrs. S 5 Clanricarde Gardens, W
Cohen S Great Prescot St
Cohen W 77 Leman St
Cohen F L Life Governor
Cohen H L Life Governor
Cohen H S Life Governor
Danziger A 25 Plummer’s Row
Davis W 113 Grosvenor Rd
Davidson J Summerfield House, 18 Downs Crescent, Amhurst Rd., N.
Dickinson - 12 Sandy’s Row
Dubowski B 106 Brick Lane
Emanuel E Portsea Life Governor
Engel L Bedford House, Tavistock Sq
Epstein Rev M New Synagogue, EC Mohel
Faudel, Phillips & Co. Messrs. Newgate St
Fink Rev. J 53 Prescot Street, Goodman’s Fields non-Subscriber, Mohel
Foligno E 42 Torrington Sq
Fox M Artillery Lane
Franklin E A 60 Old Broad St
Friedman A J 74 Hanbury St
Friedlander S 15 Gun Square, E Mohel
Frost M Bell Lane, E
Gold L 18 Pelham St., Brick Lane
Goldberg - Hanbury St
Goldberg - 10 Middlesex St
Goldberg D 8 Addle Street, EC
Goldberg L 9 Love Lane, EC
Goldhill J 51 Grosvenor Rd
Golowitz - Backchurch Lane, E
Goodman R 5 Columbia Rd., Hackney
Green E A Throgmorton St
Green J Middlesex St
Grunebaum J 45 Old Bond St
Haines J C 57 Southampton Row, WC
Halford F M 69 Cannon St
Halford M 69 Cannon St
Harris D 76 Brick Lane
Harris H L 22 Great Prescot Street non-subscriber, Mohel
Harris M 8 Great Prescot St
Harris W 6 Hamsell St., Falcon Sq., EC
Hart J E 3 St Helens Place, EC
Heilbut Samuel 34 Fenchurch St., EC Treasurer, Trustee
Hildesheimer S 14 Silk Street, Whitecross St., EC
Hirsch Etine Life Governor
Holz A 190 Upper Whitecross St
Hyams D 35 Tavistock St
Hymans H St Bride St., Ludgate Hill
Isaacs A J 56 Bishopsgate St
Isaacs A 7 Spital Sq
Isaacs H 4 Great Garden St
Isaacs Mrs. J St James Place, Aldgate
Isaacs L Beresford House, Highbury New Park
Isaacs Woolf New Broad St Committee
Israel J Berlin
Jacobs A Houndsditch
Jacobs M 8 Grafton Rd., Mile End
Jameson David 85 Mansell St Committee
Joseph M 9 Colville Sq W
Keyser A 21 Cornhill
Keyser Mrs. M S 25 Craven Hill gardens, W
Koritschoner D 23 Hatton Garden
Lazarus L O 29 Great St Helens, EC
Lazarus S 29 Great St Helens, EC
Lang D 45 Golden Lane
Lawrence H 23 Brunswick Sq., WC
Lesser Mrs. B 21 Springfield Rd., St John’s Wood
Leman Mrs. 22 Stanley Crescent, W
Levene J 15 Douglas Rd., N
Levene M Great Alie St
Levene W 61 Mansell St
Levy A Fairlight Villa, Hackney
Levy J Commercial St
Levy Rev J. Park Row, Bristol Mohel
Levy J 50 Houndsditch
Levy M 16 Mildmay Rd., N
Levy S 50 Houndsditch
Levy Sam 151 Minories
Levy Rev. S 21 Great Alie St Mohel
Lewis P Clifton Lodge, Clifton gardens
Lewis S 32 Redman’s Row
Lewisohn L 6 Hayne St
Lindo C 34 Fenchurch St
Lion C 41 Crispin St
Lion E L 41 Crispin St
Lion L 32 Chiswell St
Lion M A & Sons 8 Bethnal Green Rd
Louison F 97 Grosvenor Rd., SW
Lyons E A 36 Endgate St., Stonehouse, Plymouth
Lyons Mrs 2 York St., Westminster
Marks D 10 Angel Court EC
Marks L M 10 Drapers Gardems EC
Marks B S 40 Fitzroy square, W
Mason J Arther St., Tower St., EC
Manus Mark 133 Leman St Committee
Meyer B Life Governor
Montagu C 32 Cannon St EC
Montague Samuel, Member of Parliamnet 60 Old Broad Street, EC Treasurer, Trustee
Montefiore-Sebag A Throgmorton street
Mordecai A Whitechapel Rd
Moses Assur H Devonshire Terrace, Regents Park, W Trustee
Moses Mrs B 9 York Gate, Regents Park
Moses C H Life Governor
Moses S Commercial St
Moss Mrs. A 148 Harley Street
Moss S 148 Harley Street
Pariente I 59 Gloucester Gardens W
Parker C 69 St Martins Lane, WC
Phillips Faudel 13 Lower Berkeley Street
Phillips G 29 Commercial St
Phillips H 6 Commercial St
Phillips L 20 Wood St., EC
Phillips L H, County Councillor Newgate St., EC
Phillips Rev. P 24 Southampton Row, WC non-subscriber, Mohel
Politi D 10 Kings Roaf, South Hornsey, N
Pool S 92 Grosvenor Rd, N
Rabinowitz Rev. J 79 Shirland Gardens, W Mohel
Rapoport Rev S Port Elizabeth non-subscriber, Mohel
Reed M L Bell Lane, E
Rodrigues S White’s Row, E
Rothschild Lord New Court, EC
Rothschild A., de New Court, EC
Rothschild L., de New Court, EC
Rosenberg H 16A Church St., Spitalfields
Rosenberg J 7 Bell Lane, E
Rosenfeld A Bevis Marks, EC
Rosenthal H Plummer’s Row, E
Salzedo I St Mark’s St., E
Sampson S Middlesex St
Samuel Mrs 3 Kensington Palace Gardens, W
Samuel Dr. H 5 Douglas Road, N Mohel
Samuel C 13 Sutherland gardens, W
Saunders H 22 Hatherley Grove W
Saunders J 1 Powis Sq W
Sax J 10 Great Russell St., WC
Scheff Rev A I 17 Skymere Street, Nottingham non-subscriber, Mohel
Schlensky - 92 Bermondsey St., SW
Schloss L Ethelburga House, Bishopsgate
Schloss I Ethelburga House, Bishopsgate
Seligman L 3 Angel Court, EC
Silver M 117 Gower St, WC
Slyper J E 8 Kirby St., Hatton Garden
Slevanski Rev. L Camelford St., Brighton Mohel
Smith J Great Prescot Street
Snowman A 27 Euston Rd NW
Solomons - Commercial Road
Solomons H 2 Royal Exchange Buildings, EC
Solomons I Middlesex St
Solomons I 176 Weston St., Bermondsey
Spero Rev. E Charlotte St., Portland Place, W
Spiers Rev. B Bais Hamedrash
Strelitzki S 19 New Castle Street, E
Symons H E 10 Endsleigh Gardens, NW
Tasch H Euston Rd NW
Tush R 140 Hemingford Rd, Barnsbury, N
Valentine P 37 Dike Street, E
Van der Berg 55 Clissold Rd N
Van Praag Middlesex Street
Van Staveren B I 50 Doughty Street WC Mohel
Van Staveren Rev. H Wellington Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand Mohel
Van Staveren H 11 Scarborough St., E
Webber I Leman St
Webber K Church Street, Whitechapel, E
Wertheimer, Lea & Co Messrs. Circus Place, Finsbury, EC
White A Middlesex St
White M Houndsditch
Wolfers P 28 New Road, E Mohel
Wolfsberg L 516 Mile End Road, E
Woolf B S 23 Old Change, EC
Woolf Messrs. 119 New Bond Street, W
Yates E W 10 Linnett Lane, Liverpool
Yong S., de 7 Old Castle St., Whitechapel
Zimmer N L D 30 Sun Street, Bishopsgate
Zimmer D 90 Orde Hall Street, Holborn. WC