Harrow County School for Boys
The Staff, September 1958

Head Master:

Dr. A. R. Simpson

Deputy Head Master

Mr. G. Thorn


Head of Department: Mr. G. R. Yelland
Mr. J. S. Golland
Mr. T. S. Turnbull
Mr. H. I. Sutherland
Mr. A. R. Taylor


Head of Department: Mr. W. G. E Duke
Head of Applied Maths.
: Mr. R. S. King
Mr. D. M. Allan
Mr. R. A. Boorman
Mr. K. D. Saunders
Mr. E. E. Wright
Mr. K. G. Cocks
Mr. G. H. Williams


Head of Department: Mr. T. W. Busfield
Head of Physics: Mr. C. Groombridge
Mr. L. Rawnsley
Mr. D. A. McEwen
Mr. B. E. Williams
Mr. N. H. Tyrwhitt
Mr. K. G. Cocks
Head of Chemistry: Mr. C. W. Butler
Mr. A. B. Schofield
Mr. A. Daniels
Mr. N. H. Tyrwhitt
Head of Biology: Lt.-Col.. W. M. Bigham
Mr. J. T. Clark
Mr. A. Daniels

Modern Languages:

Head of Department: Dr. A. D. H. Fishlock
Head of German: Mr. R. T. Attridge
Head of French: Mr. H. Skillen
Mr. W. W. Eagers
Mr. D. R. Kincaid
Mr. D. G. G. Wilkey
Mr. J. D. Hart


Head of Department: Mr. W. W. Lane
Mr. B. G. Marchant
Mr. K. C. Waller
Mr. J. D. Hart


Head of Department: Mr. C. R. Crinson
Mr. M. G. Venn
Mr. M. W. Clarkson


Head of Department: Mr. H. J. Mees
Mr. G. W. D'Arcy
Mr. M. W. Clarkson
Mr. J. D. Hart

Modern Subjects:

Head of Department: Mr. R. A. Goff
Mr. G. H. Williams

Technical Subjects:

Head of Department: Mr. H. W. Webb
Mr. H. W. Collins

Physical Education:

Head of Department: Mr. A. Amos
Mr. G. L. Underwood

Arts and Crafts:

Head of Department: Mr. P. H. Oliver
Mr. A. N. Anderson


Deputy Head Master (Mr. G. Thorn)


Mr. C. J. Atkins

Resident Schoolkeeper:          Mr. S. W. G. Archer

Laboratory Assistants:          Mr. R. M. Millard, Mr. W. J. Miller, Mr. D. H. Fry

Groundsman:                             Mr. E. J. Warwick  


The above is the official printed list.
Note from Ron Taylor:  I think you are missing Charlesworth - Geography. Interesting - was on one of the ships that got the Graf Spee (maybe HMS Exeter or Achilles) Starred in a two man dramatic presentation in 1954(?)   ROPE, Forget who the other master was who played alongside him.

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