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(contributed by Dennis Orme)

Below are two press articles relating to the 1931 Sports Day. The first was published on May 15th detailing a new innovative scoring system.


The athletic sports at the Harrow County School for Boys have up to the present been organised upon a system of house competition. But it has been felt for some time that the existing system has not provided sufficient interest or reason for every boy to take part. The competition, except in the house relay races, has been individualistic, points being scored by the first three competitors placed in each event. The result has been that only outstanding boys have benefited and enjoyed the kudos attached to athletic prowess. A new system has been designed by Mr. E.J. Atkinson, who for many years has taken a prominent part in county and national athletic administration, and who appreciated the failings of the old system. At this year's sports the competition will be entirely on the inter-house relay basis, divided into two groups: standard of achievement, and relay and team races by house teams.

For each event a "standard of achievement" has been set, and it has been fixed low so that the average boy may reach it and be able to contribute his share to the aggregate points of his house. The award of points for achievement in various events will be taking place throughout the term and as the standards are what the average boy should be able to accomplish, every member of the school will be encouraged to take an active interest. The only awards will be the inter-house cups. The scheme shows that to take part in all the events on Sports Day each house will have to find over 130 entries and as no boy can represent the house more than three times there must be at least 44 competitors per house. As comparatively few will be chosen three times this number will doubtless be increased considerably, so we may expect to see the majority of the boys in the school participating in the sports. The scheme has obviously been carefully worked out by Mr. Atkinson, and will perform that desirable service of encouraging the very ordinary boy to compete, and promote to a wider extent the team spirit. I anticipate that the experiment will be watched with interest by other schools.

This second article was published on July 17th after Sports Day so we can see of the system worked! In the results section I have only mentioned the winning teams (houses) as only the individuals names were given for these. As with many athletics results in those days, only the performance of the winner was given.


At the annual sports of the Harrow County School for Boys held on Saturday at the school ground, Gayton Road, a new system was introduced and proved a great success. Every school event - there were 36 in all - was decided on the relay and team system, with the result that there were 150 teams in the field, with an increased number of competitors compared with any previous year. No boy was allowed to run more than three times. The competition for points was exceptionally keen, and the new scheme evidently found great favour with the boys. The attendance was an improvement on the last few years, and there was also a large number of Old Boys present. Another feature of the occasion was the late start, 5 p.m. The last event was run off at 7.30 p.m., the appointed time, and it is many years since the school sports were completed within two and a half hours. After a lapse of four years, Kenton House regained the Cock House cup, thus breaking the sequence of wins by Northwick. Kenton obtained their victory by reason of the level standard in practically all their teams, and they won several team events although they did not supply the individual winner. It was a creditable achievement for each House to supply four boys for every event in each class, and in two junior events eight boys comprised the team.


Dr. Eleanor Russell presented the trophies and certificates at the conclusion of the sports. The Rev. E. Stogdon, Vicar of Harrow and chairman of the Harrow Education Committee, presided, supported by Mr. Randall Williams, the headmaster, and Mrs. Williams, Mr. T. Bolton, divisional organiser, Dr. Russell and others.

The vicar congratulated the School on the success of the new system, and remarked that it was no exception to see outstanding performances at the Harrow County School. Athletics were an important factor in school life and it was most necessary if the school was to be successful. The standard which the school set in both the academic and athletic spheres was always high and well maintained. He paid a tribute to the work of Mr. Atkinson, the organising secretary, and Mr. A. Amos, the clerk of the course, who had been ably assisted by the remainder of the School staff.

Dr. Eleanor Smith, in thanking the School for the kind reception, said the medical profession fully appreciated the importance of maintaining a high standard of physical fitness, and realised the value of athletics in accomplishing this result. It was satisfactory that the health-giving properties of exercise, sunlight and fresh air, which the Greek athletes of classical times so fully appreciated, should again be realised at the present time, when international competition was so intense. They must, if they were to hold their own, produce a high standard of physical fitness in their youth, as national progress depended equally on physical and intellectual efficiency. Out-of-door games and physical training should occupy an important place in every school curriculum, an opinion which would be endorsed by all the boys themselves.

The results were broadcast by apparatus loaned and installed by the Battery Service Company, St. Ann's Road, Harrow.


Four at 100 yards:
Under 13: Kenton (Harding, Lawson, Higgett, Leljik) 54.8 secs
Under 14: Welldon (Robinson, DJ Jenkins, Newman, Taylor) 52.2 secs
Under 15: Welldon (Barralet, Reid, Pentney, Gardner) 50.6 secs
Under 16: Preston (Burgess, Haynes, Wild, Pilborough) 46.8 secs
Open: Preston (Helborough, Crookall, Grosch, Farmer) 45.6 secs

Four at 220 yards:
Under 14: Northwick (Kennerill, Ackroyd, Poltock, Wild) 2 mins 5.4 secs
Under 15: Northwick (Andrew, Russell, Barton, Stevens) 1 min 51.4 secs
Under 16: Welldon (Stevens, Pentney, Stanbridge, Larke) 1 min 46.2 secs
Open: Preston (Crookall, Helborough, Farmer, Montague) 1 min 44.4 secs

Four at 440 yards:
Under 16: Northwick (Senior, Whitehead, Handisyde, Newman) 4 mins 6.8 secs
Open: Welldon (Dean, Speirs, Smith, Boakes) 4 mins 1.6 secs

Four at 880 yards:
Open: Welldon (Speirs, Smith, Boakes, Dean) 9 mins 31.4 secs

660 yards team:
Under 14: Preston (Midlane, Watling, Atkinson, Dicks, Oldfield)
Individual winner: Midlane 1 min 49.2 secs

One mile team:
Open: Kenton (Collas, Liddiat, Davis, Robinson, Beckman)
Individual winner: Robinson 5 mins 16.8 secs

Eight at 50 yards:
Under 13: Welldon (Gregory, Moore, Bowles, Evans, Rothwell, Wilkes, Godsell, Turnham) 59 secs
Under 14: Kenton (Anderton, Caroll, Coles, Bright, Streddan, Moore, Eaglestone, Reddecliffe) 57 secs

High Jump:
Under 14: Kenton (Lawson, Caroll, C. Anderton) 12ft
Individual winner: Gomme (P) 4ft 4 ins.
Under 16: Kenton (Jenkins, Nelms, Medcalf) 13ft 9.5 ins.
Individual winner: Jenkins 4ft 10.5 ins.
Open: Kenton (Thorne, Harris, Beckman) 13ft 7 ins/
Individual winner: Todd (N) 4ft 11ins.

Under 14: Kenton (C. Forrest, Edwards, Harding, Lawson)
Under 16: Preston (Burgess, Jones, Armstrong, Tuck)
Open: Preston (Crookall, Armstrong, Pilborough, Wild)

Pole Vault:
Open: Kenton (Jenkins, Lidist, Jackson)

Throwing the Cricket Ball:
Under 14: Welldon (Newman, Oakley, Hill)
Individual winner: Newman 67yds 2ft 4.5 ins (record)
Under 16: Northwick (Stevens, Andrew, Valentine)
Individual winner: Haynes (P) 80yds 2ft 1.5 ins
Open: Kenton (Marshall, Lamin, Harris)
Individual winner: W. Green 76yds, 1ft 7 ins.

One Mile Walk:
Open: Northwick (Anthony, Moon, Short, Nelson)
Individual winner: K. Street 8 mins 45.8 secs (record by 15 secs)

880 yards Walk:
Under 15: Welldon (Robinson, Price, Mantry, Morrison, Gordon)
Individual winner: Robinson 4 mins 20.8 secs

Invitation Race (Four at 220 yards):
1st Hendon County 1 min 38.8 secs
2nd Chiswick County
3rd Tiffin's School

The long jump were decided on Friday and the resulted as follows:
Under 14: Kenton (Forrest, Matthison, Noyce) 39ft 2.75 ins
Individual winner: Matthison 13ft 3.5 ins
Under 16: Welldon (Stevens, Pentney, Davis) 46ft 8.5 ins
Individual winner: Jenkins (K) 17ft 2.25 ins
Open: Preston (Grosch, Farmer, Pilborough) 50ft 6.5 ins
Individual winner: Grosch 17ft 6ins


The School Championships were decided during the fortnight preceding Sports Day. The results were as follows:

100 yards:
Senior: 1st W.E. Mulford (N) 10.8 secs, 2nd Farmer (P), 3rd Speirs (W)
Middle: 1st Stevens (W) 11 secs (record), 2nd Pentney (W), 3rd Senior (N)
Junior: 1st Midlane (P) 12.8 secs, 2nd Jenkins (W), 3rd Kennerill (N)

220 yards:
Senior: 1st Mulford (N) 26.4 secs, 2nd Boakes (W), 3rd Speirs (W)
Middle: 1st Stevens (W) 26.6 secs, 2nd Senior (N), 3rd Mason (W)
Junior: 1st Midlane (P) 29.8 secs, 2nd Jenkins (W), 3rd Kennerill (N)

440 yards:
Senior: 1st Speirs (W), 2nd Boakes (W), 3rd Smith (W)
Middle: 1st Senior (N) 59.6 secs, 2nd Wild (P), 3rd Stevens (W)

660 yards:
Junior: 1st Midlane (P) 1 min 42 secs, 2nd Kennerill (N), 3rd D.J. Robinson (W)

880 yards:
Senior: 1st Speirs (W) 2 mins 21 secs, 2nd Smith (K), 3rd Collas (K)
Middle: 1st Senior (N) 2 mins 27 secs, 2 nd Stevens (W), 3rd Wild (P)

One mile:
Senior: 1st Speirs (W) 5 mins 13 secs, 2nd Robinson (K), 3rd Collas (K)
Middle: 1st Senior (N) 5 mins 34.6 secs, 2nd Stevens (W), 3rd Handisyde (N)

Senior: 1st Collas (K) 16.4 secs, 2nd Mulford (N), 3rd Boakes (W)
Middle: 1st Stevens (W) 13.8 secs, 2nd Pilborough (P), 3rd Pentney (W)
Junior: 1st Midlane (P) 13.6 secs, 2nd Kennerill (N), 3rd Jenkins (W)

Long Jump:
Senior: 1st Mulford (N) 17ft 6ins, 2nd Todd (N), 3rd Farmer (P)
Middle: 1st Stevens (W) 18ft 0.5ins, 2nd Pentney (W), 3rd Wild (P)
Juniors: 1st Midlane (P) 14ft 8 ins. 2nd Kennerill (N), 3rd Jenkins (W)

High Jump:
Senior: 1st Todd (W) 4ft 11ins, 2nd Collas (K)
Middle: 1st= Pentney (W) and Stevens (W) 4ft 9.25 ins, 3rd Medcalfe (K)
Junior: 1st Midlane (P) 4ft 2ins, 2nd Lawson (K), 3rd Kennerill (N)

Pole Vault:
Senior: 1st Liddiat (K) 6ft 9ins, 2nd Collas (K)

Cricket Ball:
Senior: 1st Smith (W) 74yds, 2nd Liddiat (K), 3rd Todd (N)
Middle: 1st Haynes (P) 80yds 1ft 10ins, 2nd Pentney (W), 3rd Wild (P)

The Challenge Cups were won by the following:
Cock House: Kenton
Senior Championship: 1st J. Speirs, 2nd W.E. Mulford
Middle Championship: 1st C. Stevens, 2nd Senior
Junior Championship: Midlane
Princeps Ludorum: Beckman


100 yards:
1st G.T. Bolton (N) 10.6 secs, 2nd D.C. Lyall (P), 3rd G.E. Harding (P)

One mile:
1st W.G. Maishman (W) 4 mins 46.6 secs, 2nd R.R. Gowar (N), 3rd F.H.Toovey (P)

440 yards junior:
1st G.T. Bolton (N) 57.4 secs, 2nd E.H. Hills (P)

880 yards handicap:
1st W.G. Maishman (W) off 70yds 1 min 59.4 secs, 2nd F.H. Toovey (P) off 100 yds, 3rd E. W. Gibson (W) off 90yds.

Four at 220yards House Relay:
1st Northwick (R.R. Gowar, G.T. Bolton, C.E. Davis, S.F. Woodley) 1 min 43.2 secs
2nd Kenton (J.V. Powell, N. Nelms, C. Bennett, A.C. Ayers)

Old Gaytonians Mile Cup:
W.G. Maishman

Old Gaytonians Championship:
Senior: D.C. Lyall
Junior: G.T. Bolton

The organisation of the sports was well carried out by the following:
Mr. E.A. Reavell (A.A.A.) referee
Mr. A. Amos - clerk of the course
Messrs H.W. Brister, W.G.E. Duke, G. Neal - track judges
Messrs C.R. Crinson, W.T. Heys - jumps
Messrs R.R. Jones, H.D.G. Woodhall - cricket ball
Messrs G. Thorn, G.D. Cast - timekeepers
Messrs W.R. King, C.H. Wilmot - starters
Mr. H.W. Webb - marksman
Messrs S.F. Fooks, W.T. Guy, Dr. R.W. Hartland - umpires
Messrs P.B. Bradley, E.A.S. Evans, E.B. Cooper - competitors stewards
Mr. R.T. Attridge - programme steward
Messrs S. Davies, L. Heliu, J.R. Messenger, A.W. Purton, E.S. Short, F. Warburton, C. Ransom, L.E. Jones - stewards
Mr. F.H. Toovey - hon secretary of the OGAC
Mr. W.T. Heys - hon treasurer
Mr. H.S. Parkinson - hon. General secretary
Mr. E.J. Atkinson - organising secretary and announcer
Mr. J. Aris - deputy announcer

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