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Speech Day 1922 - Viscount Gladstone - list of prizewinners

In the picture: Viscount Gladstone presenting the first prize for public speaking to J. McLellan.  Behind, looking on, is Oswald Mosely, M.P.

Tuesday March 14th 1922 was a red-letter day in that it was the first Speech Day since 1914, when Sir Herbert Beerbohm-Tree  distributed the prices.  It was a ceremony that will long be remembered.  The accomodation of the hall was severely taxed, and admission tickets could not be given to all who wished to attend.  The School received a distinguished visitor in the person of Viscount Gladstone, who distributed the prizes, and amongst those present were Mr. Oswald Mosely, M.P., and Lady Cynthia Mosely, the Rev. J. W. P. Silvester, the Chairman of the Governors, who presided, Mrs. Silvester, the Headmaster, Mr. Randall Williams, and Mrs. Williams, Mr. Sidney Walton, Mr. B. S. Gott, Professor Ripman, London University, and Mrs. Ripman, Mr. Duckworth, Board of Education, Mr. E. Young, former Headmaster of the school, and Mrs. Young, and Alderman A. K. Carlyon.

The proceedings opened with a recital by the School Captain, E. A. Compton, an excerpt from the late Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone's Glasgow Peroration of July 2nd, 1892.  This was followed by the School Orchestra, with Mr. G. Thorn conducting, and the school Choir.

Viscount Gladstone gave a homely chat and mentioned three things: (1) To acquire the power of taking an interest in life; (2) to experience the enjoyment which results from a wide interest in life; (3) to take a cheerful view of life.

The Prize Winners

Viscount Gladstone distributed the prizes to the following:

Form prizes:  I. O. Dawkins; IIc, R. W. Pannell; IIb, A. Carrad; IIa, E.T. Vincent; IIIc, J.L. Rycroft; IIIb, F.H. Woolley; IIIa, S.B. Whitmore; IVc, S.F. Woodley; IVb, J.J. Vincent; IVa, A.G. Deeks; Vb, G.A. Westcott; Va, J.A. Siggers; Lower VI, L.J. Northcott.

Prizes for English, presented by the Parents' Union:  C.P. Weaver, D.G. Blair, D.J. Kelly, F.J. Wilcox, R.W. Jennings, F.H. Woolley, L. Davis, S.N. Stockwell, J.J. Vincent, E.S. Groves, A.C. Robinson, G.C. Taylor, and F.H. Deacon.

Special prizes:
For the best commonplace book, presented by the Headmaster, J.S. Pedder and A.A. Purves.
Best dramatic performance, presented by the Old Gaytonians' Dramatic Society, A.D.M. Ross.
Best sketch of a cottage, presented by R.D. Mumford, Headmaster of the Harrow School of Art, C.H. Haggis.
Poster advertisiing "The Gaytonian", presented by the School, S.R. Shepherd.
Best architectural sketch book, presented by Mr. Allen Walker, (I.)M.L. Lowe (II.) B. Brickell and J.F. Jackson.
Most useful work in scouting, presented by Mr. A.P. Grimwood, L.A. Collins and W.R. Hugo.
Public speaking, presented by Mr. E. Young, First Headmaster of the School, J. McLellan.
Historical essay, presented by Mr. G.H. Hallam, F.H. Deacon.
"Boswell" music prizes, presented by Mr. A.B. Boswell, senior instrumental - C. Hammerton, senior vocal -  G.E. Stuart, junior - C.D. Ramsey.
Personal service to the School, presented by Mrs. Randall Williams, G.W. Wood and E.A. Compton.

London University Examinations: 
(a) General School certificate: H.A. Bird, C.R. Jones, H.H. Jackson, R.M. Paulin, A.C. Robinson, H. Yarwood, G.A.G. Clark, G.F. Hatch, E. Lawton, F.C. Pope, and G.R. Seager.  
(b) Matriculation certificates: J.D. Baxter, B. Brickell (M), R.R. Gowar (M., O.F., O.G.), R.A. Halsey, W. G. Kendall (C.), M.F. Lowe (C), J.A. Siggers (M., C., O.F., O.G.), G.C. Taylor (M., O.F.), F. Allot (M., P.), G.L. Carter (P., C.), B.W. Dawkins, E.B. Kent, J. Owen, F.H. Smiith (M.), G.F. Westcott (M., P., C.) 
(c) Intermediate B.Sc.: J. McE. Dickson, J. McLellan.

Medals for advanced studies, awarded for the first time in 1922; the cost of the die for these medals was defrayed by the parents. - Bronze medals: Science, J. McLellan; mathematics, J. McE. Dickson; English history, F.H. Deacon; music, C. Hammerton; French and Latin, J.S. McIlvride. Silver medal: J. McLellan, Captain of the School, 1920-21.

Special medal given by the Headmaster to his first captain, Evans.

Cheers for the Headmaster and Mrs. Williams, and the National Anthem concluded a memorable gathering, which lasted nearly three and a half hours.

Source: Gaytonian, April 1922

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