Harrow County School for Boys

Register of ex-pupils of Harrow County School and Gayton High School   -  Rod Clarke

Registered under the Data Protection Act 1997 with the Information Commission. Reg. No. PZ5831279.

All old boys of Harrow County and Gayton High Schools are invited to join the School Register, to enable us to keep in touch.

The Register is there to be used by anyone who was at the School, including yourself, so if there is someone you want to find, let me know their names. If they are not already on the Register, a first forename is essential, a second forename a big help and if you have any rough idea of what part of the country they might be in, that narrows the field. There have already been several successes in re-connecting old friends, so it does work!

To protect my own backside and your privacy, I've made a voluntary registration with the Data Commission, so the data can only be used as stated here. That is, only e-mail addresses (or telephone numbers, for people who don't use e-mail) can be released and then only to someone who is already on the Register himself. No part of the Register will be made public. If you don't want your e-address released, that's no problem; just answer 'No' to the last question on the list. Then if, say, an ex-classmate wants to contact you, I can pass his details to you and you can decide if you want to contact him.

It would be very helpful if you would send me the following information about yourself, so that we have a single listing of who was at the school and when, how to contact them and some additional information of interest. Of course, if you wish, you need only supply the name, dates and contact details; however, it could be helpful in the future to have information about what people's interests were while at school and on what they are doing afterwards.

Will you please be sure to indicate whether or not you agree to your e-mail address being passed on, though only to someone else already on the list.

To help speed up the extraction of your reply into the database, may I ask you to give the information in the following order:

1. Surname.

2. Full forenames.

3. E-mail address. (yes, I know but it's quicker to have it here than looking it up!)

4. Telephone number.

5. Address and postcode.

6. Year joined and year left.

7. Are you a member of the Old Gaytonians Association?

8. Cadet, scout, both or non-conformist (for those of my age!)!

9. Interests / membership of clubs at school.

10. Which house were you in?

11. Work (in two or three words) since leaving.

12. Main hobbies since leaving. 'Marriage' or 'Chasing girl-friend' are perfectly valid answers but there must be something else!

13. Did you have a nickname?

14. Which primary school did you come to HCS from.

15. Agree / Do not agree to e-mail address being released to others already on list.


IMPORTANT: If you know of any other old boys, please tell me. I’m finding that there are several groups of people out there who meet or correspond quite often but who have no connection with any of the formal School groups and are therefore not traceable by normal means.

My own contact details are:

R. J. Clarke,

My telephone number is 01597 811032.   E-mail gwelfrynl@lineone.net

I was at HCS from '54(straight into Form 4) to '59.

P.S. If your address, 'phone number or e-mail address change, please tell me or we'll lose you again!


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