Harrow County School for Boys

Prefects 1946-47

This photograph was sent in by Brian Hester. 


Back Row (L-R):  Alan Prosser, Michael Lane, "Sam' Weller, Alan Coxon, Reece, Vivian Edwards, Mick Armitt.

Middle Row:  Gerry Miles, unknown, unknown, John Pockett, David Newmark, Davis Grubb, Brian Hester, R, Evans, unknown.

Front Row: Mick Hornby, P. Hollidge?, Ernie Welling, Brian Quilter (head boy), Dr. Alexander Simpson (Headmaster), Peter Streeter, "Affie' Hilton, Nigel Swallow, Tobert

Brian Hester writes (July 2015): "Coxon, Edwards, Hornby, Welling, Quilter, and Swallow I know have died. I am still in occasional touch with Armitt but have lost touch with the others.  Lane was brilliant - four distinctions in A levels at 17 - and went to either Cambridge or Oxford as a state scholar. Nobody seems to have heard of him since although I am sure he was cut out for great things."

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