Harrow County School for Boys

Poetry Corner

An eclectic selection of poetry has been published over the years, mainly in The Gaytonian.  Some is, well, juvenile, some may embarrass its grown-up authors, and some was actually quite good:

1932 - The Poetry of Douglas "Cardew" Robinson"

1945 - "D" Day by M. Lawson, IVA  File to be repaired

1945 - "D" Day by D. Carter, IVA  File to be repaired

1947 - The Four O'Clock Bell by M. Butler, IVA

1952 - Untitled by Peter Morey, 1A

1959 - Shipping by Colin Grossmith, IIIA

1961 - Our First Car by John Clayton, IIA

1962 - Music by R. Locker, IVC  File to be repaired

1962 - The Life of the Dead Soldier by R. D. Glover, V4  File to be repaired

1966 - To V.W. by Stephen Davis

1967 - Man in the Moon by Stephen Davis

1968 - Departure by Paul Danon

1971 - On not being mentioned in a play's review by Geoff Perkins

1988 - The Roll-Call, A Rich Reward by Sidney F. Fooks


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