Harrow County School for Boys

Merit Awards, July 1964

Another innovation last year was the introduction of Merit Awards.  These were to be a form of recognition of service to the school, service of a kind not normally awarded by other means.  They were to be similar in many ways to colours, but were generally to be given for long and devoted service in which the pupils had shown initiative and reliability.  Most of the awards in fact went to boys who had shown themselves able to run an organisation without constant supervision.

Holders of these awards receive a certificate and are entitled to wear the specially designed Merit Award Tie, which can also be worn by holders of School Colours and by certain N.C.O.s of the C.C.F.

As this was the first occasion, there were a larger number announced in July than will usually be the case. The winners of the Award were:

B. M. S. Jolly, Sixth Form Society.
S. R. Rose, School Drama and School Revues.
J. L. Luetchford, School Drama and School Revues.
H. Schildkraut, Christmas Entertainments
D. J. Morris, School Drama.
R. K. Boyce, Geographical and Scientific Societies.
D. G. Davies, Geographical Society.
R. G. Levin, Stationery Stores and Box Office.
J. R. C. Quibell, Stationery Stores and Box Office.
C. P. E. Northedge, Cycle Permits
D. C. Weston, Cycle Permits.
C. G. Fink, Film Projectionist.
K. W. Baker, Film Projectionist.
S. B. Clyne, Stage Manager.
B. Q. Varley, Chief Electrician.
A. J. White, School Concert Box Office.
M. S. Payne, General Studies Library.
J. B. Wood, Music Concerts, Writers' Club, and Sculpture.

Source: Gaytonian, 1964

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