Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1962

The enthusiasm for this important activity was, this year, as bleak as the weather.  This year only fifteen awards were attained, against twenty last year, although the overall standard of this small band has greatly increased.

I would like to thank the masters, especially Mr. Underwood and Mr. Attridge, who sat under the diving boards in pouring rain while we held water drill practices, in our wonderful summer.

T. Wagstaff.

The following awards were gained in the examinations of the Royal Life Saving Society in July:

Intermediate Certificate:  T. G. Hancock, M. Langtree, D. S. Saunderson.

Bronze Medallion:  A. R. P. Dawson, J. I. N. Duffy, C. C. Fribbens, T. S. Huc, D. J. Inman, J. C. May, R. J. Scrivens, R. W. Teesdale.

Bronze Cross: P. R. Kumpf, R. W. Teesdale

Instructor's Certificate:  A. D. Clayden, D. B. Wells


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