Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1961

All those interested in Life-Saving in the School are indebted to Mr. M. W. Clarkson.  He has been an inspiration and guidance to all, and we are sorry to lose him, although we wish him every success in Tasmania.

This season there were three classes for the Bronze Medallion, of which two classes taking the exam yielded eight passes.  R. C. Anderson again took the younger boys for the Intermediate Certificate, all of who passed.

The awards were:

Intermediate Certificate:  R. A. Eade, R. Fenge, J. R. Hall, M. J. Hopkinson, D. H. James, J. C. May, C. H. Meyler, D. J. Reid.

Bronze Medallion:  A. D. Clayden, G. M. Hart, N. Jenkinson, P. R. Kumpf, R. Lucas, P. B. Rapaport, D. B. Wells, G. K. Wilson.

Instructor's Certificate:  T. Wagstaff.

Bronze Cross: R. P Cain, D. N. Hawkins

Award of Merit:  B. Main.


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