Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1959

The following awards were gained in the examinations of the Royal Life Saving Society in July:

Intermediate Certificate:  C. Lea, R. C. Lucas

Bronze Medallion:  M. R. Bell, M. Dover, I. C. Green, P. F. Jones, R. B. Milton, P. H. Starns, C. L. Stott, H. J. Swatland, T. Wagstaff.

First Bar to Medallion:  D. Drinkwater, P. J. Tranter, D. Wood

Second Bar to Medallion:  C. T. Williams

Bronze Cross:  J. M. Clark, D. Drinkwater, C. D. Milton, R. B. Milton, J. E. Pither, P. D. Pritchet, P. J. Tranter

Bar to Bronze Cross:  C. T. Williams, D. Wood

Award of Merit:  R. C. Anderson, J. M. Clark, J. E. Pither, P. D. Pritchet, P. J. Tranter, C. T. Williams, D. Wood

Instructor's Certificate:  R. C. Anderson, P. D. Pritchet, D. Wood.

R. T. Attridge


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