Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1953

The following awards were gained in the examinations of the Royal Life Saving Society in July:

Bronze Medallion:  Edwards, E.W.G.; Funnell, G.R.; Gregory. R.C.; Humphrey, A.M.; Joslin, P.; Mellors, B.J.; Rosenthal, M.; Snow, R.A.

First Bar to Medallion:  Hooper, M.J.; Hyett, A.D.; Littlefield, J.L.C.; Ward,P.R.;

Bronze Cross:  Campbell, R.; Hyett, A.D.; Littlefield, J.L.C.; Ward, P.R.

This year has shown a decline both in the number of candidates and in the quality of the work.

Candidates for the Bronze Medallion must be able to swim well on the back without using the arms, and be prepared to attend all practices.  Examinations may cause absence from practice, but sometimes this is more an excuse than a reason.

The quality of work for the Bronze Cross was noticeably weak; indeed there was more than one near failure.  Candidates must realize that continual practice is necessary for success, and an independent opinion should be sought as to their reasonable chance of passing before definitely entering for the examination.  It was evident this year that more than one candidate had not even practicedthe scinetific swimming movements.

R. T. Attridge


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