Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1947

The following is a summary of awards of the Royal Life Saving Society gained at the examinations.

Prospective candidates for next season should note that they must be at least fourteen years of age on the date of the examination, and that they should be able to swim on the back without using the hands.  this will avoid much waste of time and discouragement.

Bronze Medallion:  Bramley, J.A.; Calender, M.R.H.; Copeland, A.C.; Crooks, J.R.; Heap, D.E.; Holden, A.J.; Johnson, I.G.; Larkin, A.D.; Napper, R.A.; Williams, K.

First Bar to Medallion:  Burton, J.W.; Challen, P.J.; Froud, D.B.; Hipkin, R.C.; Lux, D.L.; Megenis, J.H.

Second Bar to Medallion:  Bunce, A.; Ryalls, P.J.; Scott, P.N.

Third Bar to Medallion:  Klein, A.H.; McGowan, R.A.; Misson, T.W.

Bronze Cross:  Lux, D.L.; Megenis, J.H.; Ryalls, P.J.

Instructor:  Bunce, A.; Burton, J.W.


R. T. Attridge


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