Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1942

At the examination held in July, the following awards were gained:-

First Class Instructor and Second Bar to Medallion: Daniels, J.D.; Wardle, T.P.B.

Second Class Instructor and First Bar to Medallion:  Smith, A.; Turner, K.G.

First Bar to Medallion:  Giddings, D.

Medallion:  Bishop, F.J.; Fox, J.P.; Rushton, P.

Medallion and Certificate:  Manders, A.E.; Russell, R.C.; Schonfeld, J.

Certificate:  Backhouse, J.R.; Butler, P.F.; Doe, P.J.; Hartley, G.; Higgins D.L.; Loveridge, J.A.; Miles, G.W.; Parkins, I.G.; Paterson, H.C.; Ratcliffe, A.G.; Sindell, K.H.; Thompson, D.C.; Tod, A.J.; Walters, C.L.; Welling, E.A.

The awads will, owing to various circumstances arising out of the war, be delayed for some time, and will probably not be available until the summer term.

Owing to the shortage of metal, Medallions will no longer be presented during thewar.   Successful candidates will receive a token certificate, which will be exchanged for a Medallion at the end of the war.


R. T. Attridge


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