Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1941

Last July's examinations came just too late to be included in the Gaytonian.  We give them now, nevertheless, as a record and for general interest.  Owing to enemy action, the Medallions and Bars have been delayed, and the successful candidates are asked to be patient for a little while longer.

Second Class Instructor and Bar to Medallion:  Daniels, J.D.; Wardle, T.P.B.

Bronze Medallion:  Bishop, A.C.; Davis, N.E.; Edmunds, L.A.; Gardner, R.F.; Smith, A.

Bronze Medallion and Proficiency Certificate:  Bareham, F.R.; Giddings, D.; Graham, G.A.; Gribble, K.J.; Tautz, J.H.; Turner, K.G.

Proficiency Certificate:  Adkin, A.C.; Benton, D.P.; Bishop, F.J.; Denman, E.E.; Donaldson, W.J.; Fox, J.P.; Hogg, J.S.; Maxwell, J.H.; Miles, J.R.; Richardson, E.A.; Shackell, J.; Taylor, G.T.


R. T. Attridge


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