Harrow County School for Boys

Life Saving Awards 1940

Proficiency Certificate:  A. C. Bishop, B. B. Bowles, K. Coman, N. E. Davis, J. A. Edmunds, R. F. Gardner, R. J. Green, H. G. Simpson, A. B. Slater, A. Smith, R. Turpin, A. F. Webster.

Bronze Medallion:  J. T. Daniels, T. P. Wardle.

Certificate and Medallion:  R. F. Eustace, R. D. Smith, J. N. Wilkins.

First Bar to Medallion:  D. M. Bradley, C. A. Cox.

First Class Instructor:  P. D. Croxson.

Second Class Instructor:  D. M. Bradley, C. A. Cox, G. S. Salmon.

Many candidates have been making enquiries as to the non-arrival of the awards.  I know how anxious they must be to receive them, but the following extract from a letter sent by the Royal Life-Saving Society will explain why they have not been received up to date:-

"... I regret that you have had anxious enquiries ... It is with great regret that we have been unable to send your medals with the same speed as in pre-war times, due to our medal makers having suffered from enemy action, their delivery of goods having been considerably delayed.  In addition to this, although we have a licence from the Government, we are experiencing difficulty in obtaining metal to complete the supplies."

R. T. Attridge


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