Harrow County School for Boys

Our Ford Van - 1962
by David Jackson

These are pictures of our Ford van, that we kept in the playground for a while before being discovered.  I think we took it over from another group of pupils who had it on a semi official basis.

It was passed on to us, being me, Mick Boggis, Peter Lund, Peter Davies, and others. We spent many happy hours trying to start it, but without success, due to a lack of a coil, which we didn't realise was a neccesary item.  Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun trying to bump start it, and learning to steer and brake, while being pushed round the playground. I guess all the authorities assumed it was authorised by somebody or other.   Unfortunately, eventually the penny dropped and we were told the scrap yard would be taking OUR car. We were not about to allow that to happen. We stripped off the body, flattened it, and hid it under the bushes. The rolling chassis, we then decided to take down to the cross country field.

Unfortunately it no longer had a steering wheel, so the only way of determining the direction of travel was by running alongside and kicking the wheels.  So we set off down Sheepcote Road, passed a very surprised looking PC on point duty at the Watford Road crossroads, and down to the waste ground used for the cross country runs and rugby lessons.  There we abandoned the chassis.

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