Harrow County School for Boys


"The story of Harrow County has come to an end."   Thus wrote Roy Avery in 1975.  Without wishing to be disrespectful, how wrong he was!

As can be seen in the achievements of old pupils WE ARE STILL HERE.  We are teachers, politicians, civil servants, businessmen, actors, writers, employers and employees and we are still here.  Some of us hated the school and some loved it, but we are still here.

Periods change; names change.  We had the idealism of Ernest Young’s Harrow County from 1911 to 1919. The enthusiasm of Randall William’s Harrow County until 1945.  The striving for excellence of Dr. Simpson’s Harrow County from 1946 to 1965.  The very real humanity of Roy Avery’s Harrow County which ended in a certain degree of pain.  The continuation as Harrow County became Gayton High.   And now the sixth phase,  Harrow High, co-educational, with wonderful new facilities and much hope for the future.  We are still here.

In virtual form, on this website, WE ARE STILL HERE.

For the future, the old boys of Harrow County and Gayton High, influenced by their school, for better or worse, in the most formative years of our lives, will be here for some time to come. And we are being joined by the current and past pupils of Harrow High School, which has risen as the latest manifestation of the School and will hopefully flourish.  In years to come, achievements of the new Old Gaytonians of Harrow High will ensure that WE ARE STILL HERE.

Jeff Maynard

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