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The Brick in the Wall Appeal (below) was successful.   Click here for photographs of the display.

Bricks Appeal

Ernest Young, founding headmaster of the School, returned from a trip abroad to be shown his published obituary.  He was able to quote Mark Twain:  “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Anyone who read Godfrey Smith’s generous praise of the School, both as Harrow County and as Harrow High, in the Sunday Times of 17th June will know the feeling.  The School is “back on track,” he said and as this web site soars towards 30,000 hits (since November 14th last year) we know the spirit is flourishing.

Three times this year there have been enormously vigorous and enjoyable gatherings of Old Gaytonians – the 1960’s generation reunion, sharing in the School’s 90th birthday celebrations and the opening of the new sports hall.  The wounds inflicted by national and local governments in the sixties and seventies have proved far from terminal.

The School is thriving again and heavily oversubscribed.  Academic performance is improving and two young athletes gained national representation this year.

 It is a dream of most Old Gaytonians to see the School return to the excellence it enjoyed for so many years.  Now, for those schools prepared to make the leap forward, the Government is offering the means.  In particular there is the opportunity to qualify for special college status and Harrow High is seeking Sports College status.

The School has always produced more than its share of outstanding sportsmen, and continues to do so.  In military terms it might be described as “reinforcing success”.

But there is more to it than running, jumping, dancing and playing ball games.  Recent research at Exeter showed that students who took part in sport at least three times a week were more likely to gain good exam grades.  In one school incidence of bad behaviour dropped from 60 to six in a year after it put greater emphasis on PE.  And the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority noted from their research that, “A key message of this investigation is that an essential characteristic of a good school is that it has good PE and school sport provision.”

Before the Department for Education and the Environment can release the substantial funds available, they need to be satisfied on a number of fronts.  Headteacher Christine Lenihan and her staff are working all hours to provide evidence of their intention, drive and commitment to make it work.

The DfEE also requires evidence of a financial nature.  In numerical terms this means 50,000 and we have volunteered to help find at least part of this sum.

A first step in this campaign is to invite every Old Gaytonian to BUY A BRICK in the new Sports Hall wall.  In return for a donation of 25, a plate bearing your name will be on a brick for all time.  So much more enduring that initials carved on the lid of a desk!

The DfEE will accept pledges as evidence, as well as hard cash, so you can just click on the form BRICKS APPEAL, complete it and e-mail it to the address shown.  Please note that the date for receipt of the pledged amount is also a DfEE condition.  If you would prefer to send a cheque and have done with it, the postal address is also shown on the form.

Finally, please do it now.  Time is critical if we are not to waste a full year before starting to realise our ambitions.  Click here for Pledge Form.


                                                                                                                        Colin Dickins

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