A Gaytonian Bookshelf

It would, of course, be impossible to list all the hundreds of books written by the Staff and old pupils of Harrow County School.  This is just a selection in alphabetical order of author:


The Harrow Apprentices (Young people helped by Harrow School)
by Jim Golland

The Guide Book to Harrow School
by Jim Golland

When I was a child (Memories of Pinner between the wars)
by Jim Golland  ( For details of availability of Jim Gollands books, write to him at JSGolland@aol.com )

The Illustrated History of Harrow School
by Jim Golland with Patrick Lichfield

Heraldry at Harrow School
by Jim Golland

Not Winston, Just William (About Churchill's life at Harrow)
by Jim Golland

Fair Enough? (The story of the last 200 years of Pinner Fair)
by Jim Golland

Pinner to Paradise (Letters to an emigrant from Pinner to Australia)
by Jim Golland

The Fives Court (A house in Moss Lane, Pinner)
by Jim Golland

Blues Fell This Morning: Meaning in the Blues
Paul Oliver, Foreword by Richard Wright / Paperback / Cambridge University Press / October 1994

The Story of the Blues
by Paul Oliver / Paperback / Northeastern University Press / April 1998

Blues off the Record: Thirty Years of Blues Commentary
by Paul Oliver / Paperback / Da Capo Press, Incorporated / April 1988

Surveying for Schools and Scouts
by W. Alfred Richardson (Mathematics and Surveying master at Harrow County, 1911)
George Philip and Son, Ltd, 1914, Hardback. (110 pages. Illustrated with mono plates and drawings.) Frontispiece shows survey of Harrow County School in 1912.

Spies of the Airwaves
by Hugh Skillen

Knowledge Strengthens the Arm (background training of the Intelligence Corps for wartime service)
by Hugh Skillen

The Kingdom of the Yellow Robe : Being Sketches of the Domestic and Religious Rites and Ceremonies of the Siamese
by Ernest Young (Headmaster of the School 1911-19)
Oxford University Press, Malaysia 1982 (originally published in 1898), pp. 399 with black and white photos and illustrations. The book provides a look at old Siam (Thailand) and everyday life, culture, Siamese society and the country as it appeared through the eyes of an English observer of the day.

Adventures Among Hunters and Trappers
by Ernest Young
London, Seeley, Service & Co., 1912 Hardcover, illustrated with black and white prints.  Dedicated to the boys of Harrow County school.

From Russia to Siam. With a voyage down the Danube.
by Ernest Young
Illustr. London 1914. XII + 328 pp. Includes a journey to the Black Forest with Ernest Young, the Headmaster of Harrow County School for Boys, Petersson, the German master and eight boys.

Old Gaytonians

A Riddle of the Seventeenth Century, The Linacre Lecture
by Sir Charles Dodds.  British Medical Association London 1960

Arriving at Night
Christopher Levenson / Paperback / Mosaic Press NY / January 1995

Christopher Levenson / Paperback / Mosaic Press / August 1995

Psychology in Medicine
by I.C. McManus, Peter Richards

The Original Hitchhiker Radio Scripts
by Douglas Adams, Geoffrey Perkins.

Orphans of The Orient
by Dr. Bob Pierce (HCS 1917-24), missionary to China.  Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, 1964 with 96 pages, b&w photos.

Modern Law of Guarantees
Richard Salter / Paperback / LEXIS Law Publishing / January 1994

The Essential Gambler
by Graham Sharpe (Editor). Hardcover (August 1997)

Odds, Sods & Racing Certs : Horselaughs, Winning One-Liners & Off-Beat Tales of the Turf
by Graham Sharpe. Paperback (July 1999)

Fourteen Million to One : Great Gambles and Fantastic Flutters
by Graham Sharpe. Paperback (August 1999)

Television: An International History
Anthony Smith (Editor) / Hardcover / Oxford University Press, Incorporated / September 1995

The Cold War : A History
by Martin Walker. Paperback (June 1995)

America Reborn : A Twentieth-Century Narrative in Twenty-Six Lives
by Martin Walker. Hardcover (May 16, 2000)


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