Harrow County School for Boys

Afro-American Music Society 1970 (i.e. what happened in 1969-70)

The Society did not play Afro-American music this year.  It played African music, American music and all sorts of other music as well.  Some say we should have stuck to our old policy or changed our name.  I say that all the music we play is in some way derived from or influenced by Afro-American music, just as the new style society is influenced by its roots planted deep in the 1960's by Mr. Paul Oliver, Blues authority and first President of the Society.

Our membership increased to over 200 this year, and we used the New Hall and its P.A. system every week to give lunch-time record concerts, thanks to the help of the Convergence Sound Staff.  In the Summer Term, we joined with the Girls' School and they were all very enthusiastic.  This gave us much more scope and we were able to have really good live groups on Friday evenings.

L. Peppiatt

(from Gaytonian December 1970) - editorial note: interesting that the Afro-American Music Society of 1970 thought that their roots were in the 1960s, when they were actually in 1950.

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