Harrow County School for Boys

Afro-American Music Society 1960

Although it would be wrong tosay that the Society had a quiet year, it definitely did not have an active one.

Mr. Oliver gave a series of three talks on North American Folk Music which were illustrated by some extremely interesting and rare recordings.  Later in the year Mr. Oliver produced a tape from a friend in Houston and an enjoyable evening was sent listening to the singers of that town.

M. J. Lynch, AVIArts, presented a programme on Chris Barber; King; AVISc.B, on "Underrated Musicians;" Boyle, AVISc.B, on the five-string banjo; and Hawley and Arthy, AVISc, played some of their favourite records.  A general discussion group was held to find out "What is Jazz?" and, although no definite conclusion was drawn, those present became aware of the complexity of the musical form itself and the arguments as to whether a piece of music is jazz or not.  At the end of the year, most meetings were of a king at which each person brought a record, told a little about the player and the tune itself.

The Society's thanks go to Mr. Oliver for his patronage of the Society, and to Mr. Haley for the use of the gramophone.

The Society's congratulations are extended to Mr. Oliver for the publication of his latest book, "Blues Fell This Morning," and for the release of an L.P. of the same name, and to Mr. Kincaid for his appearances on "Stringalong" and "Tonight."  Moreover, Mr. Oliver has recently spent some months in America tracing blues singers amd recording them, and the Society anxiously awaits the publication of his research, which should prove most interesting.

R. Garratt, Secretary


(from Gaytonian December 1960)

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