Harrow County School for Boys

Who's Who in the School 1946-47

School Captain:  B. P. D. Quilter, of Super VI Modern
Vice Captain:  T. W. Streeter of Super VI Science

The Head Master, in consultation with the Staff, has appointed the following Prefects:

Senior Prefects:  Hilton, Welling

Prefects:  Addison, Allison, Armitt, Coxon, Edwards, Evans, Grubb, Hester, Hollidge, Hornby, Lane, Miles, Mitchell, Muckersie, Newmark, Pockett, Prosser, Swallow, Tobert, Weller, Young.

Rugger Captain:  A. E. Hilton.

From The Gaytonian December 1946

Brian Hester writes:  "We all stood outside for a photograph... I'm in touch with Armitt and Hornby...Swallow became a doctor and died some time ago. Lane got a state scholarship with four distinctions at A level and went into an academic career at university but I do not know where. Armitt is also a doctor.   Hornby of course is the Hornby of the solicitors in Harrow. He now lives at Dorking. Pockett was at the get together last Spring. He is retired and living at Ruislip. I heard that Newmark is an accountant south of London somewhere."

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