Harrow County School for Boys

Who's Who in the School 1945-46

School Captain:  J. S. Hogg
Vice Captain:  D. H.Rees
Senior Prefects:  P.D. Bellamy, K. Blackburn, O.G. Jones, A.F. May, H. Metcalfe, H. Orchard
Prefects:  K. R. Anderson, D. P. Benton, I. Charlton, N. Crampton, B. Drane, A. Gillespie, P.Goodwin, F. E. Hermes, A. Hilton, E. Holdsworth, G. Hunt, E. Jones, A. Neale, B. Quilte, K. Stannard, T. Streeter, S. Weary, E. Welling, D. Woods.

From The Gaytonian July 1946

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