Harrow County School for Boys

Who's Who in the School 1940-41

School Captain:  C. L. Deller, then A. R. Curtis

School Vice Captain:  A. R. Curtis, then A. C. MacKellar

Prefects:  G. R. Denman, E. A. Greenall, T. G. Higgs, C. R. Jones, P. N. Mawhood, A. C. McKellar, G. F. Mitchell, R. T. Pierson, D. F. Shaw, J. D. Wayte, then J. E. Jones, J. E. Watts

Deputy Prefect:  J. E. Jones, then H. G. Homes, I. S. MacLean

House Captains:  Kenton, I. S. Maclean; Northwick, A. R. Curtis; Preston, J. D. Wayte; Welldon, C. L. Deller, then A. C. MacKellar

Sixth Form Society: Wielland

Music Society: D. Shaw

Christian Union: P. Mawhood

From The Gaytonian December 1940 and April 1941

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