Harrow County School for Boys

Who's Who in the School 1932-33

School Captain:  E. W. Young until March 1933, then A. Anthony
Vice Captain:  P. A. R. Street from March 1933
Prefects:  E. W. Young, A. Anthony, P. A. R. Street, C. H. Champion, E. W. Cuthbert, W. E. How, G. T. E. Jenkins, C. R. Lee, F. A. W. Pilborough, N. F. Short, W. M. White, G. S. Whitehead, G. J. Whittemore, E. H. Wild
Deputy Prefects:  H. D Baldwin (From March 1933), R. Barnes (From March 1933), F. C. Boyden (From March 1933), G. Davenport (Full Prefect from March 1933), A. Gardner (From March 1933), N. H. Meer, D. W. Pentney (Full Prefect from March 1933), J. E. Skoyles, H. G. Stanbridge (From March 1933), A. W. Stiff, R. A. Valentine (From March 1933), D. H. Warner, R. White (From March 1933).
House Captains:  Kenton, E. W. Young, G. T. E. Jenkins (From March 1933); Northwick, A. Anthony; Preston, P. A. R. Street; Welldon, C. H. Champion.
Librarian:  G. S. Whitehead
Rugger:  Captain, G. T. E. Jenkins; Vice-Captain, D. W. Pentney; Secretary, E. H. Wild.
Cricket:  Captain, D. W. Pentney, Vice-Captain, G. T. E. Jenlins, Secretary, R. A. Valentine.
Badminton Club: 
W. M. White
Chess Club:  A. L. Vincent
Dramatic Society: E. H. Wild
French Circle: E. W. Young 
Natural History Club:  E. T. Young
President, Twenty-Five Club:  G. J. Whittemore

From The Gaytonian January 1933, May 1933

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