Harrow County School for Boys

Who's Who in the School 1930-31

School Captain:  T. P. N. Jenkins
Vice Captain:  A. N. Court
Prefects:  T.P.N. Jenkins, A. N. Court, K. F. Lamin, K. F. Weatherley, L. J. Boon, G. M. Gleadle-Edwards, E. T. Goodwin, P. G. Neal, J. Richards, H. M. Smith, A. P. Bennett.
House Captains:  Kenton, T. P. N. Jenkins; Northwick, A. N. Court; Preston, K. F. Weatherley; Welldon, L. J. Boon

Librarian:  R. E. Johnson

Rugger:  Captain, T. P. N.  Jenkins; Vice-Captain, A. G. E. Harding; Secretary, E. W. Young.


Commerce Circle:  L. J. Boon
Cercle Franšais: T. M. Cartledge
Chess Club:  E. T. Goodwin
Geographical Society: K. L. Marshall
Musical Society:  A. N. Court
Philatelic Society: E. Gordon
Railways and Aircraft Society: K. L. Marshall
School Orchestra: A. N. Court
Swimming Club: R. A. G. Lambert


From The Gaytonian October 1930

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