Harrow County School for Boys

Who's Who in the School 1923-24

School Captain:  F. Allott
Vice Captain:  G. C. Taylor
Prefects:  B. Brickell, J. A. Siggers, P. Halsey, R. Pearce, H. Rooksby, F. Sharp, J. J. Vincent, R. S. Vincent.
Librarian:  P. Halsey
Assistant Librarians: A. Compton and L. Davis (F. Kingston from December 1923)
School Magazine - Joint Sub-Editors -F. Allott, M. Lewendon, G. C. Taylor, B. Brickell.

Football:  Soccer Captain
- J. J. Vincent

Rugger Captain, J. A. Siggers
Vice-Captain, R. Graeme; 
Secretary, E. T. Vincent


Architectural Society: G. C. Taylor
Debating Society: G. C. Taylor
Philatelic Society: A. Purves
Scientific Society: J. J. Vincent
Rifle Club: G. C. Taylor (A. Compton from December 1923)

Sports Champion 1923: Senior... M. P. Lewendon & N. I. E. Honey
Junior... S. C. Edwards

House Captains:  Kenton, F. Alott; Northwick, M. P> Lewendon; Preston, G. C. Taylor; Welldon, B. Brickell

From The Gaytonian October 1923, December 1923

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