Harrow County School for Boys

Form 3D 1954

(This photograph was scanned by Alex Bateman from the School Archives.  Do you recognise anyone?  If so, please e-mail Jeff Maynard.  David Bradburn has identified the form as 3D 1954.  Identifications from John Bell, David Bradburn, Grahame Long and Peter Morey.)

Back Row (L-R): Stuart Davis/Davies?, P J Brown, Les Parrot, Packham, A B Brown, David Willis, Higgins, Hutton, Chris Mann, Robin Leach*

Middle Row:  Carter, Senior, Kimber, Jarrett, Rose, John Sinott, Bartlett, Cooper, White, Anderson 

Front Row:  West, Crawford, Passmore, Grahame Long, Stubbs, Mr. Harry Mees, David Bradburn, Peter Morey, Massingham, Derrick Jones, Keith Martin

*Robin Leach became a journalist and television personality, noted for his American television series "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous".

John Bell writes that he should have been in theis picture and must have been 'AWOL'.

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