Gayton High School

Form 2H 1979-80 (was previously labelled Unidentified 13) -  with Miss Slater

This photograph was scanned by Alex Bateman from the School Archives.  Identifications from Malcolm Kaksois Davie, Julie Phillips, whose husband is Old Gaytonian Andrew Phillips, Kaye Cornell, whose brother is Leslie Cornell, and Martin Fountaine. 
Do you recognise anyone?  Do you know when the photograph was taken?  If so, please e-mail Jeff Maynard)

Back Row (L to R): Raymond Fox, Roy Goodman, Paul Power, Timothy McKenzie, Brian Levitt

Third Row: Stephen Bailey, Anthony Levens, Martin Goodes or Leslie Cornell, X, Neville King, Alok Chakraborty, Malcolm "Kaksois" Davie

Second Row: Alan Prior, Martin Alders or Ross Brown, Billy Cathcart, Clive Brooks, Kenneth Burrows, X, Alan Goodman, Timothy Pine

Front Row: Wayne Duff, X, X, Miss Slater, Martin Alders?, Wayne Pinnock, Brian Harris

(Malcolm Kaksois-Internationally Unknown Singing Sensation:

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