Harrow County School for Boys

Tony Rhoades

(these photographs were sent in by Dennis Orme)

1.  Team photo.  The Old Gaytonians Athletic Club, circa 1954-55.  Tony is back row, third from left.

Back row  (L-R): Tony Cresswell, Cooper or Johnson, Tony Rhoades, Gordon Underwood, Derek or Roy Norman (they were identical twins), Len Taylor, ?, Jack Preston
Middle row:
Bernard Lord, Harry Webb, Frank Toovey (Chairman of OGAC), Mike Foxwell, Swanny Amos, Reg King, Green
Front row: Peter Mettler, Mike "Dixie" Dean, ? 

2.  In the clubhouse.  Tony is third from left.  On the right, in profile, is Mr. R. S. King, who was both an Old Gaytonian and a member of staff at Harrow County.

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