Harrow County School for Boys


from Carole Thompson

First of all many thanks on behalf of Mum and all of the Rhoades family for the many kind expressions of sympathy we received on Dadís death. We have been quite overwhelmed by the number of letters we received and by the time and trouble that so many people have taken to write or get in touch. It is a great comfort to know that so many of you miss him, as we do, and it confirms how very privileged we were to have him as a husband and father. The turnout for the funeral was wonderful, we were very touched and he would have been very proud. My brother Alanís eulogy will shortly be posted to this site for those of you who were unable to attend.

We have, of course, got many great anecdotes about him, some of which we are going to include in the next issue of the Gaytonian, but while talking to friends at the funeral I heard several new stories and it struck me that it would be good to gather a few more contributions from some of you far-flung Gayts to add to our collection.  If you do have any recollections please can you e-mail them to me caroleanne.thompson@virgin.net. I am assured that, failing all else, I will at least receive some interesting offers from Nigeria, and so my efforts will not be wasted!




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