Harrow County School for Boys

Swimming Team 1949

This photograph came from Bill Pain, via Alex Bateman

(Back Row): Peter Gillard, Syd Medland, Louis Mann, Les Argles, Bill Pain, Bill  Thorpe, Bob Blackburn, Doug Cone, Chris Fruin, ? Clare, Michael Oliver, Peter  Levoir

 (Front Row): Lewis Bloomfield, Michael Hunt, ‘Beefy’ Henderson, ‘Wally’ Hammond, J Megenis, Mr Attridge, Mr Butler, Mr Millard, Bill Bowey, J Rudeforth, L Bingle, Carroll Crombie, Eric Ford

On June 14th, in our first swimming match this term, Hampton Grammar School showed its prowess at swimming by winning every event with the exception of the senior backstroke race.  Easy swam magnificently in this event to win by about four yards... We congratulate Bowley on a fine performance as goalkeeper in the water-polo match that followed.

A fortnight later, on June 28th, we swam against Ealing and Wembley County Schools in a triangular match.  Ealing won after our having given them some tough races.  Wembley came last.  In the senior breaststroke, Bowley, who swam last, lost by a matter of inches to the Ealing swimmer.

The School thanks the swimming committee of Mr. Butler, J. Meginis (Captain), N. Bowley (Vice-Captain), J. Rudeforth (Secretary), and Northwick's enthusiastic representative, P. Hammond, for the work they have done this term.  (from The Gaytonian, July 1949)

Three records were broken in the School Swimming Championships.  Bloomfield broke both the Senior and Junior quarter final records in 6min 25 secs.  He also broke the Junior two lengths record in 48 secs.  Ford broke the plunge record by plunging 41 feet.

Junior Champion:  Bloomfield.  Runner-up:  Argles

Senior Champion: Meginis.  Runner-up:  Easy

Colours awarded to:  Meginis (capt.), Bowley (vice-capt.), Fruin, Easy, Bloomfield, Rudeforth.    (from The Gaytonian, December 1949)


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