Harrow County School for Boys

Staff 1959

This photograph, from the School archives, was sent in by Mr. Hector Sutherland, who taught at the School from September 1958 to December 1960.


 Back Row, Left to Right:  Deiniger, Bodiam, Waller, G. Williams, Saunders, Cox, Steed, Beauchamp, Hart, Gold, Spanish assistant.

 Third Row:  Clark, Underwood, Tyrrwhitt, Sutherland, Robertson, Collins, Kincaid, Clarkson, Turnbull,

Second Row:  Atkins, B. Williams, D’Arcy, McEwen, Venn, Wright, Skillen, Marchant, Mees, Wilkie, Allan, Golland, Haley (slightly behind), Anderson, Goff, Boorman.  

Seated:   Mrs Sewell, Bigham, Butler, King, Busfield, Webb, Duke, Dr Simpson, Amos, Yelland, Attridge, Crinson, Groombridge, Lane.


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