Harrow County School for Boys


by Jim Golland

I went to St Edmund Hall, Oxford, after the war in 1946, took my degree in English in 1948 and my teaching diploma there in 1949.

After a spell at a school in Yorkshire, I arrived at Harrow County in April 1954. For the next 21 years, a steady stream of pupils found their way from Gayton Road to my old college, nearly two thirds of them to read English. .  Pure nepotism, of course.

The first was Jim Smith, with an Open Scholarship in English in 1956 for 1957 (1st Class degree in 1960). Then in chronological order (if I have the dates right)  came the following (with apologies for faulty memory and omissions):
1961        G R J Morris (English) 
1961        Owen, M J (English
1962        Cowling N R (Open Schol in English)
1963        Combie, David (Place to read English)
1964        Butcher, M (Open Schol in English); 1st Cl. 1967; 
1964        Morris D J  (PPE)
1966        Slade, Raymond John (Exhibition in Physics).  (In 1995 he was Head of Trinity School, Belvedere [Kent?]
1967/8      Kenner S A  (Economics)
1968        Gilbert, Brian (Open Scholarship in English)
1969/70 D R Lerner (PPE)
1971        Logan J A   (PPE)
1971:       Jones, Barry  (Open Exhibition in  ? Biology)
1974        Farrow D  (Open Exhibition in English)
1974:       Hardy, M W (English)

There may well be others whom I have mislaid. In the same period, at least 16 went to Peterhouse, Cambridge.

Jim Golland

After Jim Golland left Harrow County, in 1975, came number 16:

1978:        Rowe, Nick (PPE - Open Exhibition)


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