Harrow County School for Boys

Sixth Form Society 1964

Mr Duke, in his last year as President, has introduced to the Society many old friends and some new ones.  Mr. Bernard Newman's new, illustrated talk on certain Near and Far Eastern countries was so good, we doubted its equal.  Yet 140 people testified to Sam Costa's popularity - enhanced by the presentation of some records, and tumultuous applause to the quality of Mr. Kincaid's singing and guitar playing.  Mr. Paul Oliver presented some of his Blues recordings in the field from America before leaving for Ghana.  Mr. Robey returned from Sarawak and Andrew Kasriel and Tom Lake from an Israeli 'Kibbutz'.

Detective Inspector John spoke on 'Evidence,' Maor Peter Lewis on his successful flight from prison train and country, and Air Commodore Palmer on 'Crime and Punishment.'  Perhaps I should add that Major Lewis' exploits were in wartime Italy.

Mr. McFadden enlightened us on Canada in the 'Sixties', Mr. John Glenister on the visual aspects of Television.  Dr. Smeaton, who presented the School with a copy of "Lavoisier et la révolution francaise" of which he is co-editor, was another speaker who broadened our outlook with Student Life in Paris.  There he met, resplendent in tennis clothes and carrying an umbrella, Mr. Ken Childerhouse, who himself returned to speak on Berlin.

We are indebted to Mss Robinson for allowing her pupils to grace our meetings and do the washing-up.  Even the chores become a pleasure with their presence.  We fear their numbers may be depleted, however, after hearing Mr. Donald McLean's idyllic, illustrated talk on his homeland, New Zealand.

These weekly meetings were but one aspect of the Society's activities.  The Christmas Tea, New Year's Eve Dance, the Theatre outings - to 'No Strings' and 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' - were as usual highly enjoyable.  So also was the Summer Outing on which, after an excellent lunch at Downing College, Cambridge was entertained by our annual punting antics on the Cam.

The Society's thanks are due to the excellent committee and co-operative dining-hall staff.  Mr. Duke was presented with a Book Token at the Christmas Tea and on the Cambridge outing with a clock to mark his retirement and in appreciation of the many years he has devoted to the Society.

As a postscript, may I add that I have found the Secretaryship an enjoyable experience, and wish Mr. Wilkey and my successors a satisfaction equal to my own.

B. Jolly, Secretary

Source: Gaytonian 1964

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