Harrow County School for Boys/Gayton High School

4th Harrow (County School) Scout Group

This page has links to articles and photographs covering the history of the School Scout Troop, the 4th Harrow, until the time that it was no longer sponsored by the School.  You may notice that it is relatively empty.  Please send reminiscences, photographs and other material to jeffrey@jeffreymaynard.com.  The 4th Harrow still exists today - see their website at  www.4thharrow.org.uk.

History of the 4th Harrow Scouts   
Scouts visit Hendon Aerodrome 1912  
Scouts 1919


4th Harrow Scout Camp 1917  
4th Harrow Scouts 1921    
Scouts at Lynton 1936  

4th Harrow Scouts 1949/50   
4th Harrow Scouts 1950/51 
4th Harrow ‘Merrymen’ Scout Troop  
Scouts - 4th Harrow Rover Crew 1951   
4th Harrow Scouts on the School Field 1964 
More 4th Harrow 1960s 

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