Harrow County School for Boys

Rugby First XV playing away at Northampton 1965/66.

(This photograph was sent in by Martin Taylor.  Identifications from Barrie Fischer (who says that he was playing in the centre that day).  Do you recognise anyone?   If so, please e-mail Jeff Maynard)


Harrow County players, left to right: Number 2 - Brian (Bruno) Millar; Number 1 - X; In air (hand nearest the ball) - Len Webb; In air - X; In air - X; White band around hair: X; Peter Pinfield; Chris Walters; Last in the Line: Mike Hopkinson

Tom Dennington writes:  "I think I can identify two people in this photo. The scrum half is Jock Seggar and the guy 6th in the line with the dark hair is Peter Pinfield.  Peter is an old 1st XV captain of the Old Gayts and I do believe that Jock last time I remember him was at Maidenhead RFC. Peter is 6th from the left with one foot on the ground and the other with his toe pointing downwards. Jock is the scrum half waiting for the ball."

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