Harrow County School for Boys

Railways and Airways Club - 1927

On Friday, 11th November, Major F. A. de V. Robertson, of the Air League of the British Empire. gave a very interesting lantern lecture, entitled "Airways of Empire."  Major Robertson described and illustrated the two main air routes of the British Empire - from Cairo to Cape Town and Cairo to Karachi.  The latter service using the famous Hercules aeroplanes.  Major Robertson, who is a staunch believer in airships, showed many interesting slides of the airship R.33.  Also he told of the size of the two new Empire airships, R.100 and R.101, now being built.  Finally, Major Robertson spoke of the promising future of Australia, where air services already inaugurated are a great boon to out of the way settlers.

On Wednesday, 16th November, Fryer gave an interesting talk on the gradients encountered on the run between London (Liverpool Street) and Harwich (Parkeston Quay).  This run is done twice daily by the Continental boat express.  This talk was illustrated by a very interesting diagram.

The two Wednesdays previous, Marshall read some railway jokes.

On October 26th, Walters, our secretary, gave a very interesting talk on the tour of the four flying boats which are flying to Australia.  He said that they are to form the nucleus of a flying boat base at Singapore.

E.H.W (for H.A.Walters)

Source:  Gaytonian, November 1927

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