Harrow County School for Boys

Randall Williams gives a book to the School Library - 1960

Just before he retired, in about 1965, Mr. Attridge, the Modern Languages Master who also was in charge of the library, had a clear-out in the Library.   I noticed piles of books next to the wastepaper bin by the door.  I asked if they were being thrown out, and could I have them.  Mr. Attridge said yes, and then suggested that I could start a book collection with them.  Some of the books were late nineteenth and early twentieth century history books.  The example below is a slim volume called Henri Bergson: The philosophy of change, undated but of an earlier age than the presentation date of 1960.  It is signed by Randall Williams, the former Headmaster,  and was presumably his own copy.  Today my book collection numbers hundreds of volumes and spans the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries.

Jeff Maynard

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Source:  Jeffrey Maynard's Book Collection

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