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Joining Details

To join the Old Gaytonians 300 Club you need to subscribe for one or more draw numbers.  Each Draw Number subscription costs £12.00 annually or £1.00 monthly and entitles you to participate in the monthly draw for three prizes of £75.00 each.  There is also an annual draw held at the Associationís AGM in early December where the prizes are one prize of £400, and two further prizes of £200.00 and £100.00.

Each member of the 300 Club becomes an Associate Member of the Old Gaytonians Association and enjoys the same rights as full members except for the right to vote at Annual General Meetings.

Unfortunately it is not possible to send members the results of each draw as they take place, due to the cost of postage. However we do circulate the results with the OGA Newsletter and within the OGA Magazine. Of course if you do win a prize you will hear from us immediately.

You may pay your subscription by cheque or by standing order.  However, standing orders can only be accepted for amounts of £5.00 or more per month or multiples of £12.00 for annual Standing Orders

The proceeds of the 300 Club are used to support activities within the Association and the School.

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If you would like any additional information please contact Bob Smith or Geoff Spring, contact details are below.

Chairman: Bob Smith

Treasurer: Geoff Spring

1 Crosier Road
UB10 8RR

Heroncot, Rushmere Lane
Orchard Leigh
Chesham, Bucks

01895 464868

Tel: 01494 783071

email: bob1crosier@blueyonder.co.uk

email: geoff.sprinq@btinternet.com


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