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Images from the film series "Makers of Men", produced and filmed by the late High Skillen.  A "Time-Capsule".

The images that are in the gallery below are, of all the photographs on this website, perhaps the most significant, atmospheric and evocative for those who were at Harrow County School for Boys in the 1950s and 1960s.  Unlike the 1,000 or more posed photographs that are elsewhere on this website, these are informal.  They are "screen-grabs" made from a modern digital copy of "Makers of Men", which was filmed by Major Hugh Skillen, head of Modern Languages at Harrow County, who was later known for his books and writings on the wartime "code-breakers" based at Bletchley Park.

The Old Gaytonians Association will be publishing "Makers of Men" in DVD format as part of the School's centenary celebrations.  You can support this effort to preserve this social history by joining the Association and buying the DVD when it becomes available.

Many  thanks to Keith Baker, who is organizing the Gaytonian centenary celebrations, and who has created these images from the new DVD which is being produced by David Buckley.  (Technical note - the images are sometimes a little fuzzy, as they are low-resolution "screen grabs", but will be clear on the DVD).

These are the first 30 images - there will eventually be over 120.  If you recognise anyone, including yourself, please email me (Jeff Maynard) at jeffrey@jeffreymaynard.com, so that I can add in the captions.  Remember to state the number of the image.

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Please click on each image to see the larger picture and then click on your browser back button to return to the Gallery. Thanks to Dave Buckley, Norman Cowling, Peter Fowler, Martin Goodall and Geoff Spring, who have provided captions.

1 - In the New Hall

2 - Small boys waiting in the Upper New Hall corridor

3. Dr. Simpson (Headmaster)

4. Graham Morris

(Deputy Head Boy 1959-60, Head Boy 1960-61) reading the lesson at morning assembly.

5. Graham Morris

Also seen in photo (reading from Right to Left) Charles Crinson, Head of Geography (Duty Master for the day he would have read out the notices), Dr A R Simpson (Head Master), ‘Bill’ Duke (Deputy Head Master 1959 to 1964), W M Bigham and A N Other (indistinguishable in the darkness)

6. A physics lesson

Don McKewen is having fun with some experiment with two excellent pupils - Tom Lake on the right, Tom Backer in front of him.

7. Prefects in the Prefects’ Common Room

(Room C6, which was right at the top of the original school building. It had originally been a dining room see photos elsewhere on this site and there was still a dumb waiter in the corner down to the basement. Nearest is Nick Hewlett, next to him Robin Bassett(?).


Nick Hewlett on the left, Robin Bassett(?) on the right.

9. The New Gym

This is now the school dining room!

10. Boxing

11. Mr. Groombridge



In the middle row, Martin Curtis on the far right of the picture, sitting next to Trev Lailey. Harrow County's two Buddy Holly enthusiasts..... Lailey still, to this day, runs the UK Buddy Holly Appreciation Society; and Martin's out there as a 'legendary' folk singer in New Zealand. Norman Cowling is staring at his nails. Creamer is in front of the tape recorder.


15. (Left) Bernard Marchant, (Right) ‘Bill’ Duke

16. Cyril Atkins

School Secretary, in his office (which was off the half landing on the front staircase)



19. Mr. Bernard Marchant


21. Mr. Ken Waller teaching Greek

22. Assembly in the New Hall

(with Honours Board on the wall)

23. Adding names to the Honours Board in the New Hall

(In 2001 it was discovered that the Honours Boards had been removed from the walls and were stored below the stage)

24. Combined Cadet Force

CCF Army/Basic Section drill instruction in the Outer Quad on a Friday afternoon


26. Reg King

27. Sixth Form Society

Tea in the Dining Hall on a Friday afternoon

28. Sixth Form Society

Dr. Simpson and Bill Duke with Sixth Formers

29. Sixth Form Society

‘Bill’ Duke who, as Deputy Head Master, was President of the Sixth Form Society, greeting the speaker, Raymond Glendenning from the BBC, at the Sixth Form Society’s Friday evening meeting

30. Sixth Form Society

In the Lecture Theatre (B6) at the Friday evening meeting. Clive Newton, now a QC, is in the Scouts' uniform. Tony Eldridge is on his left, David Combie behind them, to Tony's left. David Morrison is in the shadows with Keith Christie and Norman Cowling dressed as sailors. The guy with half his face missing is Ben Dover.


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