Harrow County School for Boys

School Gossip - October 1913

We welcome a fourteenth member of the staff in Mr. Gordon Haswell, B.A. of Durham University. 

Captain Timmis has presented us with an Arab spear that he picked up on the field of battle at the engagement at Omdurman.

Next summer the County Schools of Middlesex will hold their first annual athletic meeting.  We hope that this, one of the youngest schools in the county, will manage to show that youth means pluck, energy and enterprise.  Now if we could only win the championship trophy!

At our own sports in July, another challenge cup appeared - for the Inter-Schools' race.  It was the gift of Mrs. Alexander, who never seems to forget us...

In our last issue we asked for someone to classify our geological specimens.  No sooner is the wish expressed than its fulfillment is decreed.  We are now indebted to Mr. J. Pringle, of the Geological Museum, for the solution of another difficulty...

Hunt, our late Captain, has established a very profitable precedent.  On laying down his office he has presented to the School a picture, and on the mount of this picture we have printed his name and the varuious positions that he filled while at school....  We congratulate Hunt on his success at the London Matriculation Examination when he passed with distinctions in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Oral French, and we thank him for all the services he rendered during his term of office.  As our first Captain he set an example of earnestness in work and devotion to duty that his successors may well be proud to copy.

We congratulate Sainsbury, Green, Hambly, Greenwood and Kitch on having won Junior County Scholarships.  The total value of one of these scholarships is 64.  May we win many more such distinctions....

At the Westminster City School Sports we captured the first and second places in the Invitation Race, Watson and Crocker being our representatives.

At our first attempt we managed to score three successes at London University.  Hunt's achievements are chronicled elsewhere.  King, captain of Grove House, got distinctions in mathematics, physics and chemistry, while Knowles, captain of Stanmore House, also became a graduate of the Metropolitan University.

Mr. Helliwell added to the Championship Challenge Cups at the sports, a medal of considerable value, to be held by the year's champion - Davies - when he returns the cup.

Heath and Watson have both given handsome donations ot the Picture Fund and their gifts have been expended in purchasing two more views of Old London, for the Hall.

W. R. Bowick, who has just left us to take up a course of Aeroplane Engineering, has already invented a new model, particulars of which we copy from Flight.

Source:  Gaytonian, October 1913 

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