Harrow County School for Boys

School Gossip - February 1946

Congratulations to K. W. Stannard, who has won a scholarship, value 60, for Modern Languages, tenable at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

The Postmaster of Harrow has sent a letter expressing thanks to those boys who helped the postal quthorities to deal with the Christmas rush.

At the end of the Summer Term we said goodbye and wished Godspeed to Mrs. Baranyay and Miss Simpson.  In October, 1945, Mr. Street left us to teach at Kingsbury C. S.  We thank them for their enthusiastic work and wish them happiness and success in their new schools.  A warm welcome is given to the mistresses and masters who have joined the Staff, and our hopes are that each will find a very happy time ahead.  These are: Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Harandell, Dr. Brown, Mr. Franklin, Mr. Winton and Mr. Mungall.

Special welcome we give to members of the Staff who left during the war to join the Services.  The few boys at present in the school who remember the departure of Mr. Crinson and Mr. Lunson in October, 1939, join with the Staff in the pleasure of seeing their safe return.  Mr. Watson came back in the autumn of 1945, and now we are hoping soon to greet Mr. Webber.

We record our gratitude that electricity will light the whole School now, and thenk the electricians... who have carried out the work with such foresight for the teaching job going on at the same time.

We were glad to be visited by Councillor Weston on September 28th, 1945, when he spoke to the School at Morning assembly.  he was greatly interested in the work being done, and one very much appreciated result was the visit of the N.F.S. to pump the water from the Boiler Room and Stage of "The Ruins."

Other visitors were our late Headmaster, the Rev. Randall Williams, whom we were delighted to see and hear when he gave the address at the School Harvest Festival, on October 5th.  Mr. Ellis asked him to be our School Visitor, and we hope to see Mr. Williams very frequently, for he is assured of a continuing affectionate place in our memories.  On the School's birthday in January, the Rev. G. E. Ingle, Rector of St. John's, Harrow, spoke to the School on the necessity of making daily worship a reality.

Under the direction of Mr. Evans, good work was again done during the holidays at the Middlesex Harvest Camp and Tractor Driving Camp.

The adjudication of the House Concerts Cup, given by Mrs. Randall Williams, was:  Preston and Welldon tied for first place, Kenton third, Northwick fourth.

Two successful dances were held in the autumn Term - on November 10th and on New Year's Eve.  S. Rees acted as M. C. at  the first, and K. Rackham at the second, when a very large number of dancers were present in the gaily decorated school hall.  The Headmaster's New Year greetings introduced 1946.  Arrangements for the dances were made by Mr. Hackman, assisted by members of VIth Form (Modern), refreshments being the responsibility of Mrs. Hackman, Mrs. Ardley, the kitchen staff and the parents of several prefects, all of whom we thank most sincerely.

Mr. F. W. Skinnard, M. P. for Harrow East, visited the School on September 14th, 1945, when he offered all the help he could possible give to sustain the interest of the School and especially the VIth Form in Civics.  Subsequently, he conducted a party from the VIth Form round the House of Commons.

We are very grateful to the Mothers' Sewing Party, who have made all the badges for the School prefects.

Mr. Brister is our new Senior Master.  We offer him congratulations and assure him of our loyalty under his leadership.

It would give us pleasure to record fully the party given by Mr. Walton to Mr. and Mrs. Purton on the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the Old Gaytonians' Dramatic Club, and their Silver Wedding.  Space is not available and we refer our readers to the extended report given in the Observer.  Here we associate the school with all the good things said there, and hope that for many years to come the Club will continue to flourish under Mr. Purton's enthusiastic leadership.

Dr. P. B. Bradley has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Source:  Gaytonian, February 1946 (edited by Mr. Sidney Fooks)

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