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Gayton Times 1958

Gayton Times 1958 part 1 (pdf)   Gayton Times 1958 part 2 (pdf)   Gayton Times 1958 part 3 (pdf)

Gayton Times was a school magazine that was edited by the boys themselves (as opposed to the teaching staff).  The1958 edition was edited by Robin Leach (later to become a journalist, well-known for his "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" documentaries), Geoff Spring (later to become Secretary and Vice-President of the Old Gaytonians Association) and D. Willis.

A complete copy is now available, thanks to Steve Grimes, who created the pdf files linked below.  Steve writes:  "Gayton Times 1958 contains some little gems like: 

bulletA Letter from the Headmaster, in which Dr Simpson completely distances himself from the publication's content; 
bullet"Pulling Out all the Stops" by George Thorne 
bullet"Hiking for Fun" by Geoff Spring 
bullet"The Subject of Careers" by Mr M G Venn B.A. Non University Careers Master and Mr R.S. King B Sc University Careers Master 
bullet"Good Hunting" by Paul Oliver
bullet"Model Railways Exhibition 1958" by Mr W.W. Eagers.  

There are also some advertising relics of the time such as the Sopers New Self-Service Cafeteria, Wheatleys, Leonard Lyle, Pinks of Harrow and Wymans.

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Gayton Times 1958 part 1   Gayton Times 1958 part 2   Gayton Times 1958 part 3

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