Gayton High School for Boys

The Opening of the All-Weather Surface - Gayton Sports, November 1987

Bobby Robson was there, Derek Randall was there and Mayor Carmody and all.

There was a short tennis demonstration on the new facility involving the Middle Schools as well as a hockey display with the kind assistance of the Sports Council.  The cricket coaching section was handled by Derek Randall of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club and England.  Later on in the afternoon the man in the crumpled raincoat came out of the gloom towards the waiting microphone.  No, it was not Lew Tennent, it was the England soccer manager Mr. Bobby Robson who praised the development.  He had endured a torrid afternoon quizzed by the massed ranks of 2G reporters and that ace investigative news hound Anand Ladwa.  Mr. Kevin Mahon could contain his anger no longer: 'Why haven't you picked Steve McMahon?' said Mr. Mahon, intent on discovering that reds were under the bed.
'Well, there's Neil Webb and a whole clutch of midfielders who deserve their chance.'
'That's only your opinion, Mr. Robson.'  Mr. Mahon was in no mood to be denied.
Bobby Robson was pleased in the knowledge that his England side had just demolished Yugoslavia more swiftly than that dummy deal with Volvo.

Mr. Robson left to the accompaniment of hard, driving rain.  All the Gayton boys were wonderful, gracing the occasion with their usual style.  They were helpful and courteous to the day's VIPs and they enjoyed the occasion.  Their smiles expressed something that no other school in Harrow could convey.

The playing surface resembles a finely woven textured carpet with a base foundation sandwich of sand.  The money was raised from a kind Bejam donor, Harrow Council and a grant from the Sports Council.  It is the first of it's kind in the area.  Gayton Sports is open to the Community from 5.30pm Monday to Friday.  It is run by a Sport Officer on site.

Source:  Gaytonian, 1988

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