Harrow County School for Boys


In memory of Gary Findon, HCS 1964 - 1969.
My brother Gary, never left HCS. He died on 22nd June 1969, whilst still in L6A, three days before his 16th birthday.
From year one he contributed to the musical side of school life.
Yum Yum in "The Mikado".
Iolanthe in "Iolanthe".
Soprano solo in "The Messiah".
Piano acconpaniament for "Patience", "The Sorcerer", "Carmina Burana", "St. Nicholas" and many more.
Concerts on Piano and Clarinet.
Compositions written for concerts and speech days.
There was one concert in which Gary, myself and our father all played
We were both Junior Exhibitioners at the Royal Academy of Music, I went on to the Royal College followed by a career in music and now my oldest son, Marc, who is 16, is a studying composition at Junior Guildhall School Of Music.

If anyone has any memories of Gary, my parents and I would be pleased to hear from you.

Andy Findon

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