Harrow County School for Boys

Exchange Visit to France, Easter 1948

At Easter a party of 22 boys took part in an exchange visit tp Nantes, in the Loire Inférieure district of France.  The visit was arranged by Major Skillen in co-operation with M. Horlaville, of the Lycée Clémenceau of Nantes.  We left on the 19th of April, and travelled via Dunkerque and Paris, where we spent most of Saturday, and under the guidance of Major Skillen saw as much of Paris as it is possible to see in eight hours.

We met twice as a party, to visit, at the invitation of the local Syndicat d'Initiatif, the Castle, which includes a good Breton museum, and the Commercial Fair of the West of France.  Apart from this our activities were many and varied, including cycling, camping and visits to the Lycée, where some of us were asked to take a class and teach English!

We were surprised to encounter, on the train from Paris, Mr. Winton, a former master of the School, and had the pleasure of his company until Dunkerque. 

I should here like to express our thanks to Major Skillen for all he did in organising this visit.  We all enjoyed the insight into French family life, and are looking forward to entertaining our French friends over here some time this summer.


Hylton C. Oberst, U VIa


Source: Gaytonian, July 1948

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