Harrow County School for Boys

Form L6 Science A 1952

This photograph was contributed by Mike Lyons.

Back Row (L-R):  Glass, Adamson, Whike (expert on racing pigeons), Tim "Tito" Burns, Colin Mynott, Wright, Joseph (RSM of cadet force - was dedicated to an army career, but ironically, poor eyesight excluded him), Perry (form captain), Bray

Front Row:  Gerry Freed, Cupples, Mike Lyons (me!), Vic Forrington, John West,  Mr R. S. King (form master),  Brian Harvey,  Barnett, Morgan,  Edey, Leonhardt.

Form master was Mr R.S. King ("Killer").  He was actually a very good teacher and I have very good memories of him.  Tragically, his wife and three (?) children were killed in a cross channel plane crash in '53.

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