Harrow County School for Boys

Form 5A 1946-47 (photograph July 1947)

This photograph was contributed by David Warman.  The photo was taken outside the Sports pavilion and the unfinished "New Buildings" at the end of term in July 1947 by D Trist who later died in a road accident. 

Back Row (L-R):  GJE "Dutch" Holland, Lewis Hawken, MJ Clarke, J Kirby, J Kutchera, J Killingly, Mr. Richard R "Jumbo" Jones (Form master), DT Davis, Tim Richards, SE Constable, J Brooks, J Rood, Geoff Earl, RP Carter.

Middle Row:  X, PJ Milton, David Warman, Robin Ward, Peter Knight, X, J Rudeforth, JR Standlake.

Seated:  D McFarlane, M McNair, D Carter, JCD Russell, RW Longhurst, D Williams, X, PG Fox, DS Price, Michael Cohen, B Hayes, BS Thomas.

Brian Hester writes:  "The photo is of interest - it is one of the few that shows the state of the 'new buildings' as I remember them also, the clothing worn reflects the 'hard times' that continued after the end of the war well into the fifties. From their appearances, I would conclude several boys were wearing hand-me-down suits."

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